QuickScan - FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

Tip #1: Automatic export
QuickScan allows you to trigger an automatic export once you are done scanning (i.e. pressed the Save button in the camera view). To do that:

  • Make sure you have at least one Export Favorite created
  • Go to Settings > Automatic Export
  • Enable automatic export
  • Select the Export Favorite to be used when QuickScan will trigger the automatic export
QuickScan will now export every new scan to the destination specified in the Export Favorite, using the settings specified in that Export Favorite.

Note: Every new scan will be automatically exported to the configured Export Favorite, unless the scan has been triggered from a widget/shortcut with another Export Favorite associated. See further for more details.

QuickScan auto export

Tip #2: Widgets/Shortcuts
Widgets play an important role in using QuickScan efficiently. You can create multiple widgets on your home/lock screen. Each widget can be associated with an Export Favorite, such that QuickScan will export every new scan initiated with that widget, to the associated Export Favorite. This allows you to immediately archive (i.e. upload) your scans at the right place. For example you could have a widget for:

  • Your professional expenses, that should be uploaded to your work Dropbox, in PDF, with OCR, in Black & White, named with today's date, example: 2023-04-03-11h10_work_expense
  • Your shopping tickets, that should be uploaded to your family iCloud Drive, in PDF, with OCR, in colors
  • Your travel tickets, that you want to send by email immediately, as a JPG image
  • ...
Widgets are very efficient, since they allow you to trigger a scan directly from the home/lock screen. You can assign a custom icon (and color, for the homescreen only) to each widget.

Note: Siri Shortcuts work the same way as widgets (they can have an Export Favorite associated). The difference is that they allow you to trigger a scan with your voice, using Siri. Example: "Hey Siri, scan for work".

QuickScan lock screen widgets

Just tap a bit further away of the corner. You'll still be able to adjust the corner, while seeing the zoom at the same time
You can disable the donation screen in QuickScan > Settings > Other settings
An Export Favorite is an export destination (ex: your Dropbox) associated with settings (black & white images, OCR, specific filename). You can associate a widget with an Export Favorite. Once associated, when you tap the widget, a scan is initiated. When the scanning is done, pressing save will automatically apply the Export Favorite settings and export the document. Your scanned document has been filed instantly. Very efficient.

An Export Favorite is an export destination (ex: your Dropbox) associated with settings (example: black & white filter applied, OCR, specific filename). When exporting a document (a scan), you have the possibility to choose the destination, or to export to an Export Favorite.
Tip: you can associate a widget with an Export Favorite, to trigger an export immediately after the scan initiated by tapping the widget

To create an Export Favorite:

  • Go to Settings > Export Favorites
  • Press the '+' button on the top-right corner
  • Select a destination for the exported documents
  • Then on the next screen: configure the name and other settings, according to your needs

QuickScan Enterprise is the required licence for users that use the app professionally.

Otherwise they are functionally the same. There are no donations in QuickScan Enterprise. The zero data collection policy is the same.

QuickScan Enterprise is available in Apple Business/School Manager, and is eligible for the Volume Purchase Program.